Monday Morning Bar Scars and More

| December 14, 2015

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It’s an almost perfect scar. That’s too bad, as it certainly eliminates the entire myth I’ve been building during my recovery. “You see, this guy just wouldn’t let up … and we got into it at an (unnamed) bar. He found some broken glass, and the next thing I knew there was blood everywhere, and people were telling me I was cut. Yup, (I point to my neck) here’s the  scar.” No, my surgeon is also a plastic surgeon, and he found a wrinkle in my turtle neck, and cut right along that wrinkle for about four inches horizontally. To add insult to the injury, he (or someone in the OR) stitched me up with a thread as fine as British silk tying thread – tiny suture after tiny suture running about four inches. Actually, if it had to be a “good” scar, I can’t imagine it being any better than this.

Now, I’m all past this, technically radiated, chemo-ed and now operated on to be rid of the tangible cancer cells – gone, over and done (again, sorry to you known haters living out there in the digital realm). For those of you keeping score, there’ll be a real deep (PET) scan in a few months to run down any rogue cells that may have escaped the mayhem generated by the scorched earth path I took to the cure. Based on this week’s surgery (I call the coup de gras), more importantly pathology report, the odds of escape are very low.

As much as I have wanted to get back to regularly scheduled programming, the events last week are the ones that gave me hesitations so much of that valuable time. It won’t be an instant flip-of-the-switch, but the time is now, to get on the road to hardcore recovering. So put on your reading and watching glasses!


I had the fresh new DVD – what I assume to be the definitive / final / epic / life summarizing – “The Complete Cast, Applying Principles to Fresh & Saltwater Casting,” with Lefty Kreh & Ed Jaworowski – in hand, handed off by the main force behind the production of the video Chris Weatherley of Bloomfield Knoble. You could possibly recall I was fortunate to be on a closed set in Las Colinas, TX, a couple of years ago to shoot some still images, and kick in a little video during those sessions. In a couple minutes time, I also had Lefty analyze a problem I was having, that he fixed – permanently.

For awhile, our MIND-BODY-SOUL work has obviously been about the body because of what I had been learning most about, and focusing most personally upon. Now, with the arrival of this much anticipated DVD, we can turn to the MIND for awhile (apparently the DVD is more than 3 hours long).

I can say the packaging blows away anything that’s ever been done in the fly fishing arena, and the marketing of the production in a unique way is absolutely great for the market. The DVD is available as the hard DVD / Blue Ray included! package at about $50-dollars, but you can download it all for about $40-dollars, OR you can download individual chapters for about $5-dollars. Is that great, or what? Look for these purchase options on Vimeo – The Complete Cast on Vimeo. READ MORE NOW! – 

We will be looking at the Blue Ray in coming days and weeks, and highlighting specifics and chapters as they unfold. I can say that I do get a lot, A LOT of requests for casting lessons, and these folks want to self-start, and sometimes start their children on the path to rightness. Now, imagine Jack Nicklaus & Ben Hogan doing the ultimate swing DVD, and your kid wanted to learn to swing a golf club. I can guarantee you there has never, ever been anything done like this fly casting video. Split screens for different angles and we’ll see what more.


On the local front, I have to admit I am getting a scent of slime from photos coming in from the water below the Possum Kingdom dam – stripers in fact. Once those stripers start eating the hapless stocker trout thrown in there … you do the weighing. Let’s put it this way, “A Good Time Will Be Had By All.”

The weather has fallen back into normal here, with cold nights and highs breaking just out of the 50’s, while South Padre Island, next month’s destination, is holding from the 70-to-80 degree range these days. That trip’s a no-brainer, so I should enjoy it!

Pushing a bit further out, the NOLA marshes are producing abundant supplies of bull reds and big uglies as long as the tides, and wind cooperate. If YOU have a shot at this action, pull the trigger when all aligns. If you don’t believe me, look at the Instagram feed today.


While it’s time to start the 2015 Top Ten Fly Fishing Countdown, I think we will have one of those  Night Fly Radio lead-ins coming out soon, and follow that with a breakdown of a good year of music that makes the Top 10. I am having to blend that work with the work of creating some new steel art for the upcoming (December 19th. Open Studio Show) here in Denton, Texas (click on the flier link below).


I almost broke my arm, patting myself on the back, when the story on the Lewisville Lake Dam broke in the last few days. If you recall, I had that story way back during the spring storms, when  I came across a USACE contract worker at Ray Roberts Dam. He said then that there was a leak in the (Lewisville) dam, and they couldn’t find it (he insisted on anonymity). Well, I guess they finally found it, or it found them. Epic.

Studio Open House 2015

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