Monday Afternoon with Catchup on It

| August 31, 2020

Hey everyone, I know you love the Monday thing, but these days Mondays can be like Mondays can be. Regardless, here’s what’s going on.

There is a new video on my Airstream Diary YouTube Channel, just in case you can’t get enough of me face-to-face! Seriously, if you are ever interested in knowing about Vintage Airstream rebuilds (not restorations), this channel will help. It is lost in the weeds of all the young pretty little husbands and wive’s vintage trailer channels, but given time … who knows where it will end up?


One place that it may end is in the next phase of life being fly rod and fishing rod building and sales. Imagine Airstream Rods showing up at a fly fishing tournament, and opening the doors, rolling out the custom awning and popping a few tops while browsing for your next rod. Sounds magical right? Well, the manufacturers like TFO couldn’t quite get on board with it, and the grooming begins – before the first rod is built – for a whole different idea in GIVING THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! in a fly rod. No riots please. I will have enough for everyone, stand in line, preferably bunched up close together by then.

So it’s off to get more lumber for the home repairs, since we are still calling Denton HOME until at least after the elections. Thanks for reading, and look for more fresh content later this week. Did any of you buy tickets to the F3t ? I was wondering how that works, but if no one tells me, I guess I have to stand in the virtual line. My preference would be to get reimbursed on the Apple Movie App for the cost of the ticket when I actually BUY THE MOVIE there, but they must know Gordon Geko’s famous, “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works.”

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