| September 1, 2020


Wow. We are in the midst of some great music releases in 2020! I know they don’t really address the greatest historical issue of the young lives who are paying attention, but the musicians can hardly be faulted for not knowing a deadly virus was right around the corner, that it would strike so deep and so hard.


When history comes around, that is it is happening in the moment, you can count on hitting SCAN on your radio where eventually it will stop on Don Mclean’s “American Pie” be it the long version or the A side 45 version. Don’t understand that language, feel free to ask. Of course we have Creedence thrown in with some Beatles timepieces as well. That’s all fine, but my expectations are much higher for these musicians – I am about to highlight – on their NEXT outing.


Lucinda and her tight rocking band put out this rock-and-roll release earlier this year and caught a few people by surprise. She may be getting older, but she still has some good solid rocking to do. Grab this one quick, before she recedes back into the East Texas bogs and moss-hung trees.


What could possibly go wrong with anything Jason Isbell touches these days? It turns out nothing can go wrong for the clean-and-sober musician, and incredible songwriter. Imagine a song that punches your play card with these lyrics:A

… dreamsicle on a summer night
In a folding lawn chair
Witches ring around the moon
Better get home soon …

– Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit


Maybe it’s the isolation? Maybe when we have time to look back to the days of 1989 to 1992 with a California perspective? The local stories of Eddie Vedder working in bars before his fifteen minutes, nay, thirty years of fame and fortune? Whatever the reason, I still have a soft spot and this hard rocking release does a lot to fill it. Put it on your list.

Charley Crockett

This guy. He is going to be BIG. You’ve probably already heard him, or heard of him (here multiple times). “Welcome to Hard Times,” with easy lyrics that fit just like a good Rios of Mercedes boot, and are easy to learn and sing along with. He’s smart, prolific and if fame doesn’t get him? He’s a game changer.

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