| December 21, 2020

It’s the shortest Mon-Day of the year, so I am glad you had time to get here today. We’re dealing with typical North Texas winter temperatures this week – in the 70’s for highs and not a chance in hell of a white Christmas. Next week? Who knows.

This is also my absolute favorite day of the year – the Winter Solstice – because from here forward, regardless of winter weather, the days get longer. That tan ball passing through the sky in the south works its way back north once again. Add an unusual alignment of planets tonight in the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and you have a wondrous week of planetary events.

Garden Glyphs 2020

Christmas gift building has started winding down, and the family dynamics are still trying to find our way to the MAC – Mutually Agreeable Christmas. If you family is either dynamic, or large – then you know what I am talking about. There are a lot of opinions that go along with the Holiday, and if you throw in some aging matriarchs and patriarchs, you may be as anxious as I am to get back on the water!

But since the weather is so unpredictable, and the weathermen of North Texas the worst, I am enjoying looking at potential skiff improvements, marketing directions during the wind down of the Virus in late Spring and early Summer of ’21, an oh yeah, always looking for work that conforms to my abilities! 

I think we are yet to see the real financial depression the Virus will bring to the Country … and to a little City like Denton, which I only recently read has a 50-percent renter population. We have this little community based software app called Next Door, and I have seen (only) one post so far, “Being Evicted. Can someone take my pets?” But that person was out front with it, and I think we will see a trend of that, as being evicted is no longer a symbol of failure, but in 2021 it will be a sign of the times – many, many times over.

Living Small – Fitting Through the Eye of a Needle

Living in Denton, as long as I have, I have come to know a handful of landlords and a handful of business owners. Many of those business owners are a little older, children of the ’60’s and entrepreneurs of the ’70’s, and benefactors of the population explosion in Denton proper. Denton, in their prime, was a place where cash was king, and up into the last decade – it still was. This cash economy allowed for additional investment in properties, cars, children’s educations … the list goes on and on. The question now is: How much of that cash now remains in their wall safes, floor safes, and buried in the backyard? Once “friends” enforce evictions – all over this little City – then what? Who moves in? If you WADED through this, here is how it relates to fly fishing …

The year 2021 may well be the year of the “DEAL” – across the board. Not only could the evicted be selling all they own (boats, rods, etc …), the evictors could be unloading as well. So get ready to bottom feed people! 


For example, I wonder how many units of the new technology by Lowrance, called Active Target – will be sold, and will be for sale once the bottom drops out? Of course this is a “Fishing Space Race,” and better technology is probably already in the research labs, but for those of us wanting to drop depth charges in winter? This technology is pretty darn tantalizing! Sure, it may seem to be an affront to Fly Fishing Puritans, but for those catching fish for food in these HARD times?

And if you are paying attention, you have seen retailers – FLY FISHING RETAILERS – blink at the economic softness this fall-into-winter as well. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to subscribe to your favorite online retailer’s e mail list, and just wait and see what happens … I hate to say it, but let the bottom feeding begin!

As you may realize, if you look around this truly gaudy website, I am one of those FLY FISHING RETAILERS as well, only to a much lesser degree than the true RETAILERS. Unfortunately, I do not have anything to burn in the 2021 fire sale, but you’re welcome to buy my generic GIFT CERTIFICATES for the fly fisher in your family, and I will get those to you ASAP! Who knows, a Texas Fly Caster Gift Certificate may actually go further in 2021 than it did in years past!

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