Lowbrows Pilot Point Texas

| December 29, 2021

BACK FROM THE DEAD – The authentic eccentric bar is coming back to life after a long sleep in Pilot Point’s historic Downtown.

The side door of Lowbrows was open this afternoon, so we drove right up and started the interrogation … nosy neighborly-like.

lowbrow saloon bar pilot point texas
Historic File Photo – Shannon Drawe Photography

The new owners were fast at work, trying to bring the bar back from the dead, and actually administer some deconstruction of the modernization that was done by the previous owners.

The quick rundown – they are adding a couple of huge flat screen tv’s. They have switched over the musician area from right to left in respect for the current administration I guess? Actually they want all at tables to see the monster big screen. Some of the great older items have disappeared – a plane, buffalo head and a few more things (really, they disappeared). And due to the new owners (Stallings Paint Horse Ranch) involvement in the Aubrey horse business – Horse Capital of Texas – they are adding some horse oriented flare to the bar, and said they will continue to build on that theme. AND, they are going through the TABC licensing process.

I didn’t hear any immediate plans for the beer garden (with a music stage as well I hope) out back, but they are looking to finish out restoring the jail and have a roof from the jail to the building for a quiet courtyard.

That is all I have right now, but I plan on following up as soon as possible. It’s a great day that we get such a fine establishment back up and running! Of course, there will be some blowback from the Pilot Point Elders, but things change (that big screen could be a problem even for me).

To be perfectly clear: This bar is a goldmine for anyone who opens its doors. Location. Location. Location, and okay, a bit of great timing.

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