Monday Evening Get Back

| December 27, 2021

Did I ever mention how hard it is to show up for the Monday Morning Sidewalk column? I am not sure how many I missed in 2021, but now is the time we count. We count all kinds of things. We count them UP, and we count them DOWn. 

The old man 2021, is just about dead, but did he die of COVID or the underlying causes that already afflicted him. That hangover from 2020 looms large. Counting UP the dead, we’re at 810-thousand and our heartfelt goes out to the 90-million unvaccinated who had no small part in their demise. Darwin is not exactly rolling over in his grave right now.

I am going to try and deliver the famous Fly Fishing Music Top Ten Countdown this year, although the degree of difficulty of doing my Top Ten has become extreme over the past dozen years that I have been doing it. Make no mistake, this was a good music year, but have I had time to keep up with music? Hardly.

Fear of Fears

Right now, the topic of conversation among family members – far and wide – is the 80-degree weather we are having this Chrstmas-New Year’s season. Yes, we all agree – 80’s now, but beware the ides of February. The idea that we’re going to skate out of winter on rollers and not blades is absolutely suspect. I say look out for February again this year. And add March and April to the watch list as well. IF it never cools off? I think it’s safe to say it’s on – for your fly fishing fun – EARLY – this year! But really, what are the odds of that?

New Designs

I have already started a slow process of redesign of the Texas Fly Caster website. You’ll notice the sidebars are loading up with more stories that could be interesting to you – my favorite readers! Going forward, except for a couple of personal advertisements and one conduit to Amazon, there won’t be many ads has have appeared in the past. There will be a lot more crossover though, so …

If you really want to see a cool new undertaking, have a look at, and the new sales site for my SO. Don’t be too surprised if some fishy art makes its way onto that site, and into that online store in 2022!

Seeing Clearly

I can clearly see that I have hit a temporary “plateau” on the YouTube Channel. That is because the beast needs feeding, or it stops growing! And I have not fed it well, simply because it feeds on truth and little fluff. If you have any great ideas for Texas Fly Caster YouTube Videos, feel free to drop me a line or text.

A slight shift is coming to that Channel as well in 2022. The shift will be to add a bit more emphasis to my Shannon Drawe Photography YouTube Channel, and create more videos about photography, photojournalism, art and commentary on the state of photography in current terms.

Thanks again for reading the original Texas Fly Fishing Monday Morning Sidewalk. I am always on the lookout for good stories, and if you think you have one or ARE one – feel free to let me know now!

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