Time to Talk Solstice

| December 20, 2021

Good Monday Morning to you Texas fly fishing enthusiasts showing up here this morning! It’s the rush leading up to Christmas and I will be falling even further behind to start this week. How about you?

For those of you who believe the earth is round, and I know there are a few readers who do believe that; this week contains the greatest day of MY solunar year – the winter solstice. Once December 21 comes, our days get longer, and while the warming lags way behind these years, it will trend in the direction I love – HOT. 

For those of you saying, “we’re not having a winter … look how warm it is, blah blah blah …” all I can say is; DO YOU REMEMBER FEBRUARY 2021? It’s almost like hurricane memory loss, but we forget even more quickly. Winter can hit, and probably will hit Texas late again this year. So keep chopping wood, and keep the long handles handy.

Due to me running at the back of the pack, from the first moment of this Monday, I am going to have to leave you and rejoin the rat race for a few sprints this week. Thanks for reading, and be sure to look back to Sunday’s article on the new fly line mat design that just hit the market. North Texas Winter is a great time for retooling these, and generating new styles for 2022, so I am taking full advantage of that time allotment.

Thanks for reading, and I am sure I will have something else to say about my favorite day of the year this week!

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