Texas Fly Fishing Report – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

| December 31, 2021

It’s time to turn the last page on your calendar and throw the darn thing out, or burn it if you choose. Happy New Year, and I hope you enjoy this Texas Fly Fishing Report that wraps up 2021 in a tight ready to burn bundle!


Locally – Lots of carp but they were spooky pretty much all season long. Right now locally, we have a fun bite on fly – sinking lines – and conventional gear. That would be striper on Lake Texoma moving into the coves. I was there a few days ago, and there is a massive amount of shad in the coves, but the striper and huge sand bass are in and out. Some coves have them and some don’t. If you find fish in a Texoma Cove, don’t leave fish to find fish – stay on them.

See the scroll for lake and Coastal conditions near you. This is setting up to be a good winter on the coast, with cold fronts that basically subtract a day of fly fishing but add a day in front of the front, and bluebird days after it passes through. Weather on the salt, aka barometric pressure Scott Null, in my opinion matters. And probably the only reason it matters is because it is connected to the weather. Listen to the Bite Me podcast for more on that topic!

It is way too soon to tell if we will have a good setup for the carp and other fly fishing this spring and summer here in North Texas. It’s december 31st and our first real cold front is supposed to hit tonight. I have to believe we need to be on guard for hard freeze events in February again this year. It’s just way too soon to tell how it will shake down.

Basically we had another year of pandemic to a lesser degree, and that sometimes meant crowds and sometimes meant you were all alone on the water.

The weather, no matter the cause, is strange in Texas. Nobody seems to be talking much about the last couple of years of high water levels in Port O Connor for example. And I can’t get anyone to go on the record as to a cause for it.

A new fly shop is coming to Galveston, Texas, and that should be an interesting story in 2022. 

Right off the bat, the Houston Fishing Show is coming up – in March – if we don’t get locked down again. There’s also the Fly Fishing Brewfest in of all places Mesquite, Texas. I’m hardly a fan of that event, and everyone I have spoken with about it is … unimpressed with it.

On a personal note, I have my own battle shaping up with a hernia surgery scheduled for whenever I can get it done in 2022. What a pain. And the recovery will also take some time to do it right. People don’t talk much about this thing, but I figure somebody will maybe learn something, just like I hope they learn from my open talk about HPV throat cancer in the male population – that is basically a silent epidemic. If you visit the Texas Fly Caster website, I’ll actually be starting a new wellness for fly fishers column – Wellness Wednesday – in 2022.

Thanks for watching, and remember you are the Texas Fly Casters, not me! I need you to suggest stories, hotspots and the unusual fly fishing opportunities you find – to me! I like nothing better than to chase down hot leads, and don’t mind if the don’t net out either – so send them my way in 2022. All things being what they are, I can’t make any promises, but 2022 looks a lot saltier that 2021 and 2020 did – from my perspective. 

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