| May 20, 2019

Monday Morning Sidewalk, and public schools are closing across Oklahoma in preparation for a level 5 tornado threat for the next 24-hours. Oklahoma is just thirty miles from here, so we will again get SOMETHING in the weather category (we have a 5 right now as well), but will probably end up being nothing like that.

Let me go out on a limb and say: Next to last spring, this is the worst North Texas fly fishing spring in the twelve years I have been writing about it. The fly fishing would be GOOD, even GREAT, but the weather keeps us off the water. Or, the wind kills days that may be clear and sunny. 

I don’t think this weather is anything extraordinary actually. It seems more like a bend on the curve – up years and down years sometimes band together to create (I hope you haven’’t forgotten) years of drought, and years of flooding. 


I have been way too busy to recount, here in a life-lessons story, the incident a few weeks ago at the Jordan Boat Ramp on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, with a yahoo on a Sunday afternoon. I was warned days before about the idiocracy that occurs at the ramps, and that foreshadowing went a long way toward me keeping my cool … I’ll tell that story later this week. HOWEVER, we are once again faced with a holiday weekend, and my policy in the past has been to go nowhere near Texas lakes on long holiday weekends. IT IS ESPECIALLY true nowadays, and even on Lake Ray Roberts, which used to be isolated from the idiocracy to some extent – not anymore. 


Lewisville lake will be in the news this week, as it is bulging at the seams and flowing over the shores. Somebody asked, and I had no idea whether the repairs to that dam were ever completed. As you recall, Lake Lewisville’s dam was in danger of breach, was it two years ago, and undergoing emergency repair. There is so much water pressure on that dam now, one would hope the Lewisville Dam is sound.

Because of all the water draining from Denton and surround areas into Lewisville, the USACE has closed down Ray Roberts Dam (as of this writing) to give Lewisville a chance to push the bulge downstream – you should see the flood plain in Dallas! SO not only is Ray Roberts about to have a holiday weekend, many boat ramps are closed – ADDING TO THE MAYHEM in the idiocracy.

We know this water flowing down to the Gulf of Mexico is bittersweet. At first it is sweet as it reduces salinity and indices fish in close. Then, we turn the corner and there’s too much fresh water. Regardless, I hear DIRECTLY that it has been a great spring for fly fishing in the Galveston system with an abundance of trout and redfish. Of course one area of Galveston is closed to fishing because of a chemical spill, so there’’s that non-chamber of commerce honesty you’ll find HERE.

I am simply waiting now for my time window to match up with my weather window, and blow this joint for elsewhere. I’ve been tweaking the skiff, and adding some minor features to insure less wear-and-tare over long drives (learned from the Keys trip). I’ll add a few frills along the way, but do frills help catch fish? I think not.

BE SURE to check out my fly line tamer – by clicking here – FLY LINE TAMER. I am offering UV fluorescing colors at no extra cost, and they actually look like they glow. If YOU went for a low contrast color (I don’t recommend) we can use UV and you can find it ANYWHERE with your UV curing light.  (Anywhere – underwater if you knock it off the deck / in your holds / in your piles of debris)

HAVE A GREAT week, and check in on Wild Art Wednesday for a little story on my visit to a tattoo event last weekend. I hope to have results from last weekend’s HOLY CARP! for you tomorrow on Tournament Tuesday.

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