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IF you don’t follow along on YouTube Shorts, or Instagram, then you missed my call-out for LLELA Monday and yesterday – March 19th.

We have a significant opening of the gate valve on Lewisville Lake, and the fly fishers were circling there when I was there Monday. I met a couple of North Texas newbies, relos from the banks of the Guadalupe, and my first words were, “What the heck are you guys doing here?”

The answer was completely in my wheelhouse – “grandkids.” “Say no more, I get it NOW,” I said. No explanations needed, other than to say I am in the same club … waiting patiently for those little hands and feet to develop enough to stand and deliver a fly. It’ll be a few years, and if all goes according to expectations, based on my previous life as an uncle, this little guy will have zero interest in the fly. It is what it is.

Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area

Come rain or shine, tomorrow it will be a fly slinger for me. My experience Monday at the LLELA area is one of those that steels your fly fishing soul; what’s going on? why aren’t they here? I have to get back there NOW and see if I can figure out what the unknown unknowns are there. Water still too cold, too early for a run, or no sand bass or hybrids getting sucked through the pipe? Those are the known unknowns, but …

So if you get a chance? Think about LLELA, watch the release rates, and get ready – more lakes may just start releasing after this next round of rain.

Decades Past – LLELA ARTICLES – Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area Lewisville Texas Lake Dallas

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