Last Monday of June – Break out the Sparklers!

| June 29, 2015

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Light the fuse! The star-spangled month in fly fishing is staring straight in our faces, and demands we break free from fly fishing intolerance, break free from our borders, break free from the floods, break free from price scalping at the pump and go to the fish wherever they may be in this, the greatest Country in the recorded history of this planet. Heck, this Country is so great, we can leave it, go to a foreign country and return on a moment’s notice – all in the interest of the fly. Welcome to the Monday Morning Sidewalk.

This week ushers in July, a month that is my Christmas, my new year and a birthday celebration all rolled into one. It is THE month I love most, and that goes back to spending extended time at the beach (South Padre Island) with grandparents and the entire immediate family – year after year for many, many years. Those days had their own dramas, their own firsts and have been distilled by time, down to the best of times. So, it makes sense to get back to South Padre Island this July for however long I am allowed by adulthood’s slings and arrows. I think this will be a good month, when we factor in picking up the boat in Cocoa, FL, to keep one eye on the odometer and report my mileage – once you see the route, maybe you the readers can suggest some stops along the way! Great fly fishing is a priority stop, but food, historic sites, and things that I should photograph should also be a priority in your recommendations. I’ll reveal the routes and you can send me your recommendations. There will be a list of road tunes coming out this week, in preparation for road warriors everywhere – so be sure to look for that.


Last night the F3T stopped in Dallas, Texas, and I had no idea it was happening! Somehow, not a lot of “publicity releases” reach me here these days, and that certainly keeps me on topic, but doesn’t allow much in the way of easily shedding light on events that could draw new talent into the fly fishing world. If you think the readers of this site would benefit from your events, feel free to let me know! I am going to add some kind of calendar in the sidebar so the events that are sent to me are there (with links) – up until the date of the event.


For me, today is a most unusual day, one that harbors promise, and demands fundamental change on a physical level. I often mix marvel and a bit of distaste at how people so openly share their physical medical confrontations online these days, on sites like Facebook. Some people live out their endings for everyone to “like” and “share,” while others say little or nothing. Facebook is such a primitive, parasitic and lethargic site … I might “like” it more if they had a “care” button, or some third more relevant expression. It is hard to know how far to go, as an old-school degreed journalist, someone cherishing readers both strangers and friends, and as a person who sees an “opportunity” to let others learn from what I learn along the way. I’m still finding the way through this dilemma, and today is a day that may help bring it all into focus – what to put in, what to leave out. I certainly don’t want to waste anyone’s workday reading break on these things, so let’s move on shall we …

Since it is July, and there will be multiple road trips involving thousands of miles, you can expect the TFC routines to be bent and broken throughout the month. For those of you who are “TYPE A” – I know this can be disconcerting, but if you need more just hit the search box on the right sidebar and use terms like “July,” plus “saltwater,” and maybe “hot spot.” That should give you a reading list a mile long.

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