Texas Fly Fishing Report Friday – Here We Go Round and Round

| June 26, 2015

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If you watch last week’s YouTube Texas Fly Fishing Report, you’ve seen this week’s report. I can’t say there’s a dime’s difference between last week and this.

The USACE is being even more unpredictable with releases from Ray Roberts, and as we all know this stuff flows downhill. It certainly is all about the timing. I got to the dam the other day, and it was wide open, way too much flow to follow through with my FISH FLASH and hit that spot there. I didn’t even try.

A day later, I went back, not believing what I saw on the website for flow at the Ray Roberts Dam – solid zeros. I had to go look just to see if it really was shut in … and it was! So, in less than 24-hours the dam went from wide open to completely shut.

I have heard that the story about measured poo in the Galveston Bay System was a false report, trumped up on social media and originating in a fire station somewhere around there. I report, you verify!

If you find fish this weekend, feel free to let us know about it! I run other’s photographs on Instagram, and also as little or as much information as you want me to provide. To think your sweet spot will be overrun is a bit of an overestimation (of other fly fishers) in many, many ways. So, don’t worry and fish on!

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