Hump Day So Get Over It!

| September 8, 2021

It was a rude awakening this morning, as an intense thunderstorm moved over the City and sent us to our FRONT porch to watch the rain moisturize the jungle that is our yard. Have you noticed that that killer freeze earlier this year has separated the living and the dead?

Amazingly, our once mighty fig tree was reduced to ground level, but then in an amazing comeback, it is this absolutely huge bush coming up to about four feet tall, and has figs on it. Other streets are showing pecan stains already, and the pecan next door has branches hitting the ground – that’s how loaded they are. The fact that I evicted 31 squirrels this year may have something to do with the bumper crop as well.

Flowers are looking better than ever, while my oleanders took it on the chin … every time I import oleander, you can count on a deep winter freeze.


Not only is a DFW MESStroplex lake on the radar, I have been enticed into riding along for a trip to Lake Murray Oklahoma, a lake I haven’t fished in years, but one that is truly fascinating and claims have been made that it now has a smallmouth blitz going on. Enough said, you had me at small.

Just about anything on the radar requires that expensive petro on the tank … what a difference a year makes, doesn’t it? Hack a dollar off the gallon, and you wouldn’t be able to find me. That’s how much pain there is at MY pump. The close shave continues …


We are looking at the end of the rainbow, and there’s a flat of gold on it right NOW! We saw plenty of carp, buffalo, drum and huge schools of catfish. As always, HONESTLY, presenting the fly is not a problem, getting attention, is not a problem, but the eat? That is still an ongoing challenge this year. It seems like forever since that day I landed thirteen common carp in one day …

Thanks for reading! Keep the passion burning, and feel free to text me if you want to know where I am, or want to be informed – MORE IMPORTANTLY – where the fish are! Enjoy the rest of your week, and let us know what you are up to.

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