How About That Time Change?

| November 7, 2022

It was pitch black by the time an oversize wave washed over me on the Jetties yesterday … last night. For a Sunday night on the South Padre Island Jetties? It was combat-style fishing, with people everywhere, apparently the rumors of bull reds have spread. Here’s the truth: There are bulls at the Jetties. So there you have it. How do all these people have the work schedule for this risky, Sunday night action? One thing for sure, this is no bull: If you see one getting caught on the South Padre Jetties, no matter the size (I saw a 40-incher dying on the granite Saturday) – it’s going home to be eaten. 

As painful as that was to see, I also see some very skinny people on the South Padre Jetties, maybe not starving, but not exactly gorging on fried reds every week either. You’ve heard my position on these things before.

When the economy gets rough, for some, catching actually MEANS eating. As long as they are legally tagged? What’s a person to do but watch? It’s not like if they release it, a fly fisher can catch it. These guys are throwing a three or more ounce piece of mullet weighted by two ounces of lead, not exactly fly fishing’s cup of tea.

As I gripped and held on, away washed my half-full Yeti jug. It’s that 16-oz. turquoise color with a flip up spout … so if you find it – IT’S MINE! As painful as it was, as it floated away, I am just glad that was all that was washed away. It was one of those waves that declares, it’s time to call it. 

This morning another 85-degree day with an higher humidity number comes with the full moon setting. I’ve been tasked with content creation this week, and am loading crew and gear late this morning to go learn what I can about the Brownsville Ship Channel. While it is becoming well known, the methods for fly fishing it? Only a sliver of knowledge has reached me, and much of that is wrapped in mysteries – exactly the way I like to start one of these sagas.

Thanks for reading, and if you are local to South Padre Island, Port Isabel, feel free to contact me and see about joining my content creation crew today! So far we have me, myself and I on that crew … but we’re looking to grow, and there’s a spot on my casting platform with your footprints on it.

Have a great day. Vote tomorrow, and if you are a true American? Try to cheat at the polls tomorrow! It’s so easy to do, right? Widespread voter fraud? Show us how its done! We need real journalists, brave journalists, exposing the ways and how easy it is to cheat; by going undercover and trying to cheat themselves. I am so surprised no MSM department has set this up and tried it. You “media” organizations are welcome for a news-tip that is guaranteed to keep giving for months, and if your guy is a loser – FOR YEARS!

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