GRTU Guadalupe River Lease Access Program Changes for 2017-2018

| November 8, 2017


By Chris Johnson –

As many of you have noticed, some changes (listed below) have been made to the Lease Access Program (LAP) for this upcoming season. These changes will help us structure for even more success within our lease access program. I would personally like to thank all of our LAP members for their support of the chapter and the fishery. Please remember to be good ambassadors for GRTU while on the river and share your love for the river whenever/wherever you can!

1) Lease materials will not be mailed out until mid-October, as the lease access year does not begin until November 1st. 

2) Lease Access Program price increase to $150. Reasons: Prices have increased for lease sites and trout being stocked.

3) Maximum Number of Lease Members is now limited to 750. This number does not include youth LAP members, but does include spouses.

4) New GRTU Youth Badges

GRTU Youth/Kids (Under 18 years of age) will now receive different color badges from the annual badge color and always need to be accompanied by an adult LAP member. These badges cannot be worn by adult LAP members or guests, and are only valid for the children of current LAP members. As in years past, the youth badges are free. The color for youth badges will remain the same each year and they will be non-numbered badges. This will aid in replacement and potential multi-season use. 

5) Sign up period will close on Jan 31st or at 750 members – whichever comes first. 

6) Lost LAP buttons will now cost $20 to replace. 

7) Additional guest passes can be obtained by lease members at Action Angler, Sportsman’s Finest, and Living Waters Fly Fishing. ($15 cash only please)                                            

8) The GRTU VP of Membership is the sole point of contact for LAP sign up difficulties.

9) “In person” sign ups at fly shops/lease orientations have ceased. Online sign up at is the sole method of sign up. All lease materials will now be mailed to LAP members.

In the event of an online sign up complication, please contact the VP of Membership.

See you on the water!

Chris Johnson | GRTU VP of Membership

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