| January 21, 2019

Good Monday Morning to all you who are still bound to your devices on this Martin Luther King Holiday. I think if MLK had lived past his 39th. year, he might have discovered fly fishing eventually. He had the nature of it, the live-and-let-live nature that so many of us gravitate to through the sport.

So if you are reading, my big question that needs answering TODAY is: What do you, the readers of Texas Fly Caster website content, and the watchers of the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel, think about PODCASTING – in general, and also PODCASTING Texas Fly Caster content?

If there’s one thing I can tell you from ten-plus years of this, there’s no making any real money at delivering free information in writing or on YouTube – NONE. The same goes for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – ZERO. I was way out (years) in front of the social media juggernauts of Howler Bros., numerous guides and other HUGE fly fishing businesses – all of which I encouraged to take up social networking way in advance (years) of when they actually did get on board. Perhaps their return on investment was/is bigger than mine … I still haven’t quit trying obviously (too stupid I guess)!

ORIGINS – The TexasFlyPodcast

Whether or not (Texas)FlyPODCASTING does capture some of my / your time really is up to you. I I would like to know if you are subscribed and listening to any podcasts now, and where and when you do listen to those. For those of you who go all the way back, a PODCAST of Texas Fly Caster was the original intent (in 2008) here BECAUSE video was in its infancy, as was YouTube, and they just weren’t any good at a consumer (affordable) level. Now that worm has turned – and at the same time people are getting burned out on watching, and just want to listen without the visual distraction (driving). Whatever you do, from here all I know is 200-thousand NEW PODCASTS were launched last year, and just like so many fly websites, fly YouTube Channels, etc … they will be abandoned to the digital trash heap once 98-percent realize there’s no instant stardom, and millionaires are not made ESPECIALLY from FLY PODCASTING. And I’m too old to say, “W T F,” and embrace the millennial philosophies now.

As far as my foray into PODCASTING? I fear it. My standard would be to paint visual pictures and do good interviews. I have had some interviews in the can for years now, and have not pulled the trigger on PODCASTING because, to me, it means I would have to keep producing – with quality. Reading into a mic, creating pictures only in your mind? Daunting. And with zero help, and the expectations of 120-percent effort, and no return on investment? That’s why it’s up to you the readers – to provide me with the answer. Should I launch Or should I launch I do have the idea that there are people with disabilities who would benefit from a PODCAST, but …

If you would like an idea of what my storytelling SOUNDS like? How about 2007?

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  1. Darren Allen says:

    A good podcast can be a real treat. I’m fond of listening to those conducted by April Vokey, as her enthusiasm and love of the sport comes thru nicely.
    She asks insightful questions of some very interesting guests, lets them tell their stories, and keeps the interaction lively.

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