Full Moon Fever – Flying Wipers all Over

| April 20, 2008

hybrid bass run in texas

As we headed to the creek today, with visions of fish dancing in our heads, JH foreshadowed the early morning escapade. According to JH, the old guys say this spawn “runs from full moon – to full moon”. Last night was a full moon and it had been running for awhile. Well, they are gone – the Wipers have abandoned the creek and it’s all over for this creek this year.

We hit every hole and new ones, with no sign of anything. Sure we caught a few Sand Bass, but we have been forever ruined by the Wiper Run. Now, we are looking for the “next big thrill”, something just as possessed with a fighting passion as the wipers are – uh, were.

The video is done though, and I can’t believe how large these things are compared to my typical flypodcast slideshows. If anyone knows how to get these things compressed and still hold onto a glimmer of quality, please let us know.

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  1. jhays says:

    Had a WONDERFUL meal of fish tacos “hybrid” style last night. Fresh pico, crema la mexicana, shredded cabbage, COLD dos equis! YUM-YUM!

    Video review by Gunny – “Mr. Lane is cool!”

  2. shannon says:

    You are so into looks. I have a rod you can use, and local lessons (from a pro) are in the works, and should run 50. a person. shannon

  3. playformeacoustically says:

    Sweet vid. It would probably be even sweeter if I was a fly fisherwoman. (What am I doing on this blog then you say? Sometimes I ask myself the same question.) The song is pretty good, the Black Crowes, you say? Maybe I will check this out. I am also starting to realize now that maybe I should have registered under my real name and not my wp username, but then again I like the air of mystery.

    p.s. was that a buff, or some other neckerchief?

  4. shannon says:

    That would be the latest from Black Crowes Warpaint. shannon

  5. Joel Hays says:

    Awesome, Shannon! What’s the name of the band?
    Set your calendars now for 2009 – Full Moon is March 10th!

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