Full Moon Fever – Flying Wipers all Over

| April 20, 2008

hybrid bass run in texas


 Wipers are Рuh, were.

The video is done though, and I can’t believe how large these things are compared to my typical flypodcast slideshows. If anyone knows how to get these things compressed and still hold onto a glimmer of quality, please let us know.

+Shannon Drawe
+Texas Fly Caster

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  1. jhays says:

    Had a WONDERFUL meal of fish tacos “hybrid” style last night. Fresh pico, crema la mexicana, shredded cabbage, COLD dos equis! YUM-YUM!

    Video review by Gunny – “Mr. Lane is cool!”

  2. shannon says:

    You are so into looks. I have a rod you can use, and local lessons (from a pro) are in the works, and should run 50. a person. shannon

  3. playformeacoustically says:

    Sweet vid. It would probably be even sweeter if I was a fly fisherwoman. (What am I doing on this blog then you say? Sometimes I ask myself the same question.) The song is pretty good, the Black Crowes, you say? Maybe I will check this out. I am also starting to realize now that maybe I should have registered under my real name and not my wp username, but then again I like the air of mystery.

    p.s. was that a buff, or some other neckerchief?

  4. shannon says:

    That would be the latest from Black Crowes Warpaint. shannon

  5. Joel Hays says:

    Awesome, Shannon! What’s the name of the band?
    Set your calendars now for 2009 – Full Moon is March 10th!