Flowing Downhill Fast

| March 8, 2010

Last week, I was surprised to hear a voice from the Army Corps of Engineers on a local radio news interview. I guess somebody noticed the torrents of water being released from lakes across the State of Texas. It was a short interview, but the jest of the story is they are stepping up releases to make room for spring rains (like we are currently having).

I thought perhaps some numbers for the numbers people in the crowd, the scientists and bean counters – could be in order. And if that’s not enough, have a look at what a pre-spring release looks like coming out of Ray Roberts Lake.

Canyon Lake had been running at 802 cfs, and now is down to 300 cfs. Grapevine went from a high last week of 1631 cfs, to a significant 1250 cfs. Ray Roberts continues their siphoning today at 2876 cfs. Lake Whitney is highly variable – now running at 3680 cfs, cut almost in half from last week’s 5759 cfs.

If anyone out there has additional images or information, please feel free to contribute to our knowledge base.

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