First Day of Spring 2017 Are You Ready For It?

| March 20, 2017

Monday Morning Fly Fishing The Week Ahead

That big wheel in the sky keeps on turning … today is the first day of Spring 2017! What lies ahead, and what we left behind are cause for excitement and concern respectively. The warmest winter in record, what more can we say? It leads to a spring full of even higher potential for the fly fishing scene than last season’s blessings. Soggy Bottom Boys? Your time is now.

Whether it’s the Airstream, reading for writing book reviews, or building the roof over the Cimarrona Studio deck, there are a lot of things – other than fly fishing – using the stretching daylight hours for their own purposes. The wind is supposed to top out at 30 today, so illusions of escaping the work to work on the fly will have to wait.

There’s a green-light for the story on the artist I visited in Santa Fe a few weeks back, and a lot of queries going out this week for stories that I allowed to go dormant for way too long. It is time. Speaking of writing, the book assignment I am reading, “In the Back Seat with Fish – A Man’s Adventures in Angling and Romance,” – by Henry Hughes, is turning the corner of my interest, as I find the author dropping more names of writers of poetry related to fishing, like Derek Wallcot. I am basically ignorant of poetry, and in fear of the format, but throw in stinking fish and fishermen? I may have found an entry point. I certainly enjoy a book that leads to other adventures, be they new fly fishing locations or new authors of the journey. (Those reading along at home; Hughes book gets a soft “R” rating, so you know.)

Business at Hand

Be sure to watch the new Texas Fly Fishing Report (out last Friday), and let me know what you think about the rolling credits at the end. I took a huge amount of time and pasted the TPWD’s weekly text reports for Texas fishing in to roll at the end. You can fast forward, and pause the scroll when you see a report of interest. Seems logical to me, but what about you?


I won’t take up any more of your valuable spring morning, some of you returning to your offices, your squares, your points of power, your bright metal boxes on the roads of Texas and elsewhere. You make our life trains run on time, and educate, and enlighten, and employ, and carry the weight, and bring home the bacon and the joy. My hat is off to you, and your abilities. Have a safe and productive week, wherever you are and wherever you go.

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