Fearless Reporter Waylaid

| April 11, 2010

It is with no real motive that I have to report I will not be doing any fishing reports for at least a week as I deal with being hit with something called “Bell’s Palsy”. It’s only temporary according to information gathered at the Mayo Clinic site, and with proper medication I can be up and running in about 2 to 4 weeks at full face speed. Whacky.

Before I was hit with this (Friday night), I was able to catch my first carp of the season, Friday, at Isle du Bois Park on Ray Roberts. The youngsters are up and frolicking in the shallows, playing, cavorting and acting like teen males with hormones run amuck. I reported to JH on this by phone, and he reminded me that “the females will be lurking on the edges and moving in to the shallows occasionally” for some “action”, and back off. So, while you are petting the boys (they’re literally that docile), keep your eyes on the muddled edges for big tails. Either way, the carp are less interested in eating than hooking up, yes the other kind of hooking up. Be prepared for very muddy water – the boys are very frisky – and think about something with a fluorescent or slightly sparkly head (new ideas on the way). – Check DFWflyfishing.com regularly for everything carp related and this year’s new carp fly patterns.

Cheers, to you all, and feel free to pick up this slack time and plug in some of your own reporting – on the boards, or full blown reports – as I recover from this temporary setback. I would hate to see such a prime time go by unnoticed by the ever growing number of readers of every bent.

Look for a book review or two as well as home reports on fly tying and other, more indoor subjects, while water time is severely limited.

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