Don’t Forget the World Championship Saturday at Lake Fork Texas

| May 9, 2013

easttexas120I am rolling the dice a bit, but even if I win, I lose. I had pretty firm plans to fish the 2013 World Championship Bass on the Fly Tournament at Lake Fork, Texas, Saturday, but I started looking at the weather a week ago, and ended up back on the Shale doing some night work a few days ago. To make my typically long story short; I’m coming up snake eyes on this on. No can do.

I did this tournament a couple of years ago, and the storms the night before were so intense that I hardly slept a wink. Then paddling around with one-time fly fisher, now Euro Carp Superstar Austin Anderson, turned into a royal beatdown as the wind came back at us, so much so that Austin had to beach and load his kayak from a bridge side abutment. There’s great camaraderie, but my personal experience makes my back ache.

I still wonder why so many kayak tournaments are so early in the year in Texas. That would be all fine and good if weather patterns were like they were ten years ago, but there’s only two predictable seasons in North Texas. Anymore it seems we have winter and sweltering summer. Everything else in between is unpredictable.

For those of you doing this tournament – good luck. It’s a well run, and well attended event. Let me know how it turns out.

Check out the “related stories” for my old experiences at Lake Fork. I’ll be back there in coming months to kayak fly fish, and as always am looking for others to go along.

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