Denton Music Scene in Danger (of Success)

| May 12, 2008

Denton Sounds on the Rise

With a darling article in the New York Times on the Denton music scene, locals can begin to worry – and not about this past weekend’s mayoral race which garnered a paltry 3,330 votes (6 percent of registered voters), but worry about music executives showing up to “Discover Denton” and shine up the skids that have defined Denton for decades of music fans.

Denton has always been “about to happen”, the “next Austin”, a place where we know what we have and we don’t talk too loud about it lest we be overrun by the Metroplexians from another galaxy far, far away right down I35. Sure it hasn’t happened like the business folk (like myself) thought it would, or as soon as we thought it would, but then it really is a hobson’s choice anyway.

Relax. We are probably still safe. Besides, how else could the voter turnout be explained? It’s just a sleepy, content, no-growth Texas town of more than 100-thousand. Nothing unusual there.


For those of you unknown readers, but just starting out fly folks, there will be a Casting Clinic this Sunday, May 18, at South Lakes Park. It will be offered by Certified Instructor Joel Hays (JH) and starts at 6-pm. This is a class for those who have never fly fished, but want to get started in the sport. If interested and wanting more information, simply enter a comment on this thread and I will flesh out the details.

CARP are out and about at Ray Roberts, and if you never thought about the sport of catching carp on the fly, you are missing out. It’s not just the element of “Culture on the Skids”, but a real stalking, casting and fighting adventure. It has so many of the same elements of saltwater flats fishing, and so few of the expense hangovers that go with getting to good salt. If you are looking for someone to introduce you to the fineries of Carp on the Fly, go to N/ This is a site I am working on and it should be ready to go this week.

Meanwhile, I am also trying to get back to the coast. This time I am looking at Galveston area and Christmas Bay flats. Christmas Bay intrigues me by its size and bathtub depth throughout. I managed to pick up a very detailed map by HOOK-N-LINE, and it has amazing detail for kayak / wade fishing adventurers. A recent chance meeting of William McLaughlin at an invite only (very sheshe) Orvis event, only served to stoke my interest – with stories of sharks, Reds and Specks. I would love to get my hands on the “Texas Coastal Bend” book, so if anyone has seen one on the shelf, please let me know where I can find it.

So many fish.

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  1. playformeacoustically says:

    “with it’s piggly wiggly’s and dusty pawnshops” geez, could they make us sound any sleepier? I didn’t even know Denton HAD a piggly wiggly until this year.

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