Dallas Fly Fishers Put on Beginner Class at Denton Senior Center

| July 15, 2013

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I managed to get in on the Dallas Fly Fisher’s fly fishing lessons taught here in Denton, Texas, at the Senior Center on Saturday July 6th., and there were plenty of interested seniors as well as volunteers for the event.

The day’s lessons included, casting, fly tying, emtomology and a thorough basic orientation on fly fishing equipment and techniques.

I was certainly interested in taking photographs as well as leading a table in fly tying and helping out with the casting lesson. As I suspected, the technique espoused by the TWPD lesson plan would make Lefty cringe, and I found it pretty hard to go with the flow considering how much easier Lefty’s casting techniques are to learn.

The lesson I learned was from a man who had had a stroke, and his favored right hand was locked up in permanent disagreement with his greatest wishes. As he attempted to get his hand around the grip, time after time, and make a fair swing, I hesitated to even ask him consider changing hands. Taking his left hand and grabbing, and twisting each finger into formation on his right … as soon as he let go, they went right back to their original position – no matter what. Then, on his own, he suggested switching hands, and the world began to turn again and time sped back up. He was on form with what may not have been his favored hand, but it was his best hand.

Heading over to the next person, I had to silently thank God for my own good health fortunes, and know they can go away anytime – all at once, or a piece at a time. We all wish for all at once, and when it’s time, but I think it’s time hedge my bets and learn to cast left handed.

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  1. Chris says:

    Its amazing how one minute your the teacher and helping someone and then you realize its you learning a life lesson….God works in many ways

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