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| October 28, 2013

fly fishing houston texas

It’s a buzz of activity around here, but unfortunately not much of a fly buzz. There’s a big shift in the office – off this virtually worn out laptop to a new-used tower of power computing – MacPro computer. That brings my computer era up to just about 2010, in an arms race I am not going to run. I just love it when Apple comes out with some new thing because I get to upgrade (this time after seven years) to other photographer’s outcast machines, no longer good enough computers. Funny, one day a computer is top of the heap, next day it’s in the heap. All I know is, this laptop has been a hard working machine, as the hole in the space bar can attest.

Sites are set on Houston again this week, and there’s a post coming out later today on some flies I have been tying on just for this week’s festivities. If you are in the Houston area, be sure to come visit us at the Houston International Quilt Festival. That is happening at the George R. Brown Convention Center –

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We had some gully washing rain over the weekend here in Denton Saturday night, and there were a few violent outbursts as well – including house burning lightning strikes. I hope to get out to check on the Airstream before heading to Houston, but that’s looking unlikely. We are just a bucktail hair away from having all appliances purchased for the Silver Fly Shack, and then it’s back to work on it – once work dies down on the photo video front.

-The weather we are seeing in this area is custom tailored for trout fishing in Oklahoma. If you have the time, you should be hitting the Broken Bow Beaver’s Bend fly fishing — HARD. Let us know how that turns out!

– Check out those lake levels! Water conservation is the only answer.

-The charts are aligning perfectly for the Gulf Coast of Texas this weekend and fly fishing should be productive if I can just be wise enough to put us in the right place at the right time. Be sure to tune back in later today!

-Be sure to come out to the Houston International Quilt Festival later this week. You’ll be surprised what you find. And, look at that map – a Houston size stone’s throw from Buffalo Bayou. Hmmmm …

Welcome to wherever you arrived today, and have a fantastic week. Check back today for another post – on tying Clouser variations for later this week. Maybe I can retire this laptop by the end of today – to what a laptop should be!

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  1. Mike Mendez says:

    Well, we hit the LMF between the lightning activity and Mr. Woodruff’s awesome entomology class on Saturday. It was tough fishing. I hooked five, brought one to hand. The one I actually got to touch was a brown about 12 in.

    The highlight/lowlight of the trip was hooking into a 20plus inch brown in spillway creek that made two acrobatic jumps before breaking me off on a branch or rock under the water.

    My suggestion for the LMF? Be patient and use 4x. The fish that are there are much more feisty than in the past. My 5x flouro was no match for them.

    The colors are about to change–head up there now for some good fishing and great beauty.

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