Changes In The Air

| February 12, 2012

As fishers we know one thing is a constant – change. It can be small changes, as small as a fly, or big changes as personal as job loss, or a new career start. People, friendships, fishing, business, just about everything has changed over the last few years.

Here at TFC you have seen changes that could look radical if you don’t visit often, and would be hardly noticeable if you visit daily (which thankfully many do). Changes that have already come this year are the move from having discussion boards hosted here at TFC to elimination of those, and a move to the highly, no joke, highly successful Texas Fly Reports site. Texas Fly Reports has an RSS topic feed at the bottom of this site so that you can see what the latest discussions are with out leaving TFC. If you want to go directly to either TFRs or Oklahoma Fly Report, those links are always in the left column. And this won’t be a year to rest on my laurels either.

The adventure in socialism, “Guides” page, has been modified to feature paying guide’s shingles, and so far I am the only one who’s paid up for this benefit. Be sure to have a look at the unique approach I have to guiding – combining fishing and photography lessons. There’s not enough hours in the day to try and explain how something like being on a high traffic site would be beneficial to a guide, or through the new branch of my photography business – – a website design and hosting business that concentrates on building sites like this one for organizations looking to have complete control of their websites. Of course I will concentrate on one of the most lacking segments of website design and functionality – fishing guides. It’s amazing how bad so many sites are! They’re leaving a lot of business on the table – untapped.

As far as a redesign of the TFC site, I’ve been threatening for a long time, and have yet to find a new look worthy of the look and functionality of the current site. It could still happen …

We are still trying to figure out what to do with, a site I created for Joel Hays. He’s hanging it up as far as paid guiding trips, in favor of unpaid child rearing. Heck of a great trade in my estimation. If anyone has suggestions on that transition, and how to drive his significant traffic to my guiding services page, I am all eyes and ears.

The brand new site is up and running. I was motivated to create that site on a bumpy ride to the launch in Louisiana last month. Give it a try on your smart phone and see how cleanly it takes you to the fishing license site for your state. Advertising on that national site is available now.

They are calling for snow followed by rain here in North Texas tonight. Hard to believe, but true. Lakes are coming up nicely in this part of Texas, and I have to admit I didn’t think the epic drought would be showing signs of ending this soon. Make no mistake, we here in North Texas are in much better shape than the rest of the State of Texas. Predicting fishing is absolutely more difficult than predicting the weather, but if things continue along this line, it won’t take much rain this spring to trigger hybrid running action in the creeks and rivers. Spur of the moment guided trips for hybrids will happen if conditions line up for that phenomenon. And the rising water, over arid greenery, means lake flats will be crawling with bass and carp as the water warms up.

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  1. mmendez1 says:

    I am glad to see that you are taking over Joel’s role as Carp guide on Ray Roberts. Hopefully I will have a chance to use your services this year.

    I had a chance to look at your fishing license site. As someone who bought nine different state licenses, I appreciate it. I did have trouble with the Texas link on both the computer and the phone and also the Nebraska link on the iPhone (although it loaded right up on the computer).

    Keep up the good work.


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