Burn After Reading – San Juan River Navajo Quality Waters – A Swimming Pool With Fish

| September 22, 2008

New Mexico fly fishing at the San Juan River for trout

The music may not exactly work, but it’s worth a listen anyway.

We headed for our destination, starting out late at night with the moon waxing, timing designed to pass through the rugged beauty of New Mexico in daylight. The panhandle, a place of infinite geographic monotony, has a visual value, but if you pass through it often enough, seeing it in darkness is identical to the light. Flatlanders can drive by braille.


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  1. Cindy says:

    haha. maybe if i wasn’t busy investing 700 dollars into my car right now. 🙁

  2. shannon says:

    Maybe I am? I just need funding for a three month “Fly Across America” road trip – Interested in investing? shannon

  3. richardplemons says:

    Only a 5?

    Well written Article….

  4. Cindy says:

    you should write a book. just saying.

  5. lane says:

    bravo. best one yet