Beaver’s Bend Fly Fishing Sounds for your Water Wednesday

| March 12, 2014

texas fly fishing in oklahoma

Big Audio Fly Fishing PodcastIt’s easy to forget some of the early things that made Texas Fly Caster a unique “voice” in a fly fishing world prone to extreme hyperbole, and dripping romance writing, induced by the sport of fly fishing.

One of those things was an ongoing audio recording of waters we visited all along our journeys. Our sound recording apparatuses have been exponentially improved along the way, mostly in the interest of making good interview recordings, but what’s good for the voice is great for the ambient sounds of waters flowing, isn’t it? This recording is a straight to digital stereo recording.

Feel free to download this file and listen to the sound of the Spillway Creek in Beaver’s Bend, Oklahoma. As you listen to this water sample, imagine the sounds of that creek that you’ve heard along your fly fishing hike in Beaver’s Bend.

It really is amazing that as the Creek descends how loud it is, and how the sounds change for different rock formations it falls over. There are huge variations!

NOTE – Feel free to contact me, and I will e mail the file to you! Loop it, and think happy thoughts..

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