Another Friday Night and I Must be 47

| December 19, 2008

Getting along all kinds of odds-and-ends to report after sunset tonight. TO: Gatesville The Woodlands Galveston Blue River Oklahoma

First, the hottest news is that I stumbled upon a bunch of Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) trucks today when I was doing research at Johnson Branch Park on the northern reaches of Ray Roberts. When I walked up to them, the merry men leaving the scene said they had just stocked … errr … dumped [ppw id=”133615022″ description=”Fly Fishing Stories” price=”.10″]

750 Rainbow Trout, into a small tank just across and down from the vending trailer. That was the first I have heard of that, and if only I could cover that event tomorrow. Somebody go check that out. It was a little freaky to see those confused Trout coming to the surface for no apparent reason … either Pavlovian or drowning. Tomorrow – deguello.

Second, it’s family time and texasflycaster is headed to two places in particular – tomorrow it’s to Gatesville, Texas. You know the place, just outside of Pancake – Population 2 … or maybe even zero now. I have to check Pancake, Texas, again. My main man GWS introduced me to both of them in the 1970’s.

Next week, it is off to (I shudder to think) The Woodlands, to see the parent’s new digs. Bastrop has been abandoned for lower ground, so for those readers from the Colorado River area – so long I wish I would a met ‘ya. Ahh, there’s still family in Buda, so that means only one thing Cabela’s – with a touch of salt. That store is … interesting.

From the The Woodlands it’s only a hop-skip-and-jump to, you guessed it, SALT. You can believe I will stretch this thing called the “holidays” to include some salt on that holiday season(ing). All I want for Christmas, besides a flats boat, is a Red Fish of epic proportions. Needless to say, although the forecast is for 15 degrees Monday, if this thing times out right, the warmup later in the week leads to fish in the Bay, and that’s where I will be. Timing is everything.

The Monday event is laden with dread. Grand Master Joel Hays is itching to go fishing, and he wants … needs … to hit the Blue River, Oklahoma. That is all fine, and good, but with a forecast of 15 degrees and wind always a factor … is it really worth the time to hit stockers with ice, frozen guides and frozen … everything? I am looking for an excuse on this one.

In this the “Second Great Depression”, I have been looking for some other income outlets, and someone once encouraged me to look at the idea of artwork, and photography for the kitschy stuff like what you will find below. God have mercy on us all. I will throw this up occasionally in the interest of shameless self promotion.

Lastly, prepare yourself for the end-of-year music countdown. In a little change in format from previous years, I plan to take each of the final 10 starting on the 21st., and ending on the 31st. – in an effort to give more ear time to each.


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  1. shannon says:

    New designs coming soon are GOT SALT? Got Specks? Got Reds? Just Add Salt. Carp Suck. Also a complete collection of texasflycaster paraphrenelia. Who knows? The sky is the limit. TFC

  2. shannon says:

    LOOK at those T-Shirts! Got Backing! shannon

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