A Lackadaisical Monday Meltdown

| August 9, 2021
Ray Roberts Record catfish, but …

I looked up “lackadaisical” this morning, and the entry shows a graphic the shape of the State of Texas. Do you feel it? We have a resurgence of wind, the smoky pall from the Pacific Northwest, and the heat the heat … How hot is it in DFW? It’s so hot, some Denton women are wearing their bras outside – on top of – their clothes … that’s how hot it is.

Lackadaisical – without interest, vigor, or determination; listless; lethargic:

a lackadaisical attempt.

lazy; indolent:a lackadaisical fellow.

Based on my local weatherman, I would have to travel somewhere in the neighborhood of 150-miles (one way) to find relief from the heat. Instead, I am heading out of the frying pan and into the fire of Houston, Texas, later this week. You can bet the A/C will be running full blast there, and I will be seeking indoor options, like Andy Mill’s “Mill House” show (a good listen actually) on YouTube. It looks like some of the “old guys” of the Keys are investing in uploading old tarpon shows to their fresh channels as well. 

Once again, this week offers its own challenges, just like every day offers a challenge of some sort. In the last two weeks, I compiled a few tiny videos from the “way out areas” of Lake Ray Roberts, and if I can pull it all together (see lackadaisical definition) and top it off with some useful knowledge? Maybe, just maybe we can pull another YouTube update out of … somewhere.

Thanks for reading! My stats tell me l the summer has exhausted you as well, but take heart! the fall fly fishing surge is on the way! Another box of chocolates has arrived at our doors, and we never know what we’re gonna get in this one either.

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