Winter Solstice Passing Now

| December 21, 2023

I rushed out to the Shop when I was informed that this is indeed, the shortest day of the year. Also known as the “winter solstice” by the big brains,  it is a night I celebrate with the greatest of joy and a day that is fully loaded with anticipation.

Forget that the coldest winter days are yet to come here. They come as the sun has ended its decline (at 9:27-pm CST) and begins once again to incline on the horizon line. The sun always powers through, just as the South wind takes back the high ground from the North wind, and with El Nino paying us a visit this winter, the North’s opposition will be weaker than usual.

There is plenty to look forward to in 2024, some of it actually good. And of course, the New Year offers some major and drastic changes should the worst of outcomes befall the USA in November. I really don’t think things will get to that point, and that is something good to look forward to. Meanwhile, I will be working on my “pesca-spanol” in crash course fashion.

Before we jump to the ball dropping, there’s some new music to roll your way, and I may even get in a couple of cool new items that came out in 2023 – on the YouTube Channel. That poor channel has had it’s share of neglect, but it seems to be gaining some traction once again – as the year closes. My biggest bone of discontent, besides being in front of the camera all the time, is finding a comfort zone for my studio set. I’m just not there yet, but maybe this will be the year that gets solved! Effort, just tons of effort.

Certainly the most daunting news is that the old and worn Texas Fly Caster website will be getting an overhaul soon. Whether I can make the New Texas Fly Caster look like the theme as is advertised? That is the question. (See snapshot below) One thing is certain, this current look (aka. the “theme”) has been abandoned by its creators, and that makes it prone to breakdown and digital aging – its death sentence.

Because of the high level of labor involved in the transition to a new website, you are going to see a lot of strange things as it takes shape, stages of development that will be whacky and dysfunctional. But, in the end, the site needs a little TLC, and my crew of three – me, myself and I will get you through this. Honestly, up until this redesign, this site was never designed with ME in mind. The design was tested with/by you all, and found to be … desirable, more or less. As we enter the final years of this effort, the design will reflect what I think is cleaner, more clear and efficient for viewing what is most important. Bigger digital fish are on the horizon, and this year you will see some things, that I have imagined for years, come to the light.

Look for something “resembling” this layout in early 2024 – for the aging Texas Fly Caster website. It’s a giant leap for mankind, and fishkind as well! Let’s hope we can reel it in!

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