Denton Greenbelt Sees No Greenbacks

| December 22, 2023

The City of Denton was recently awarded an almost $11-million grant from Texas Department of Transportation. The question is: Why does the Denton Greenbelt waterway continue to be ignored as a recreational outlet, and a great one, for the City and County of Denton. And ALL OF IT for this one project alone? Let’s hire some more people, do some studies, and … it’ll be all gone. To me? It looks like this is a convenient dovetail with the City’s expanding home developments, and nothing more – – a safe place for suburbanites to walk their dogs. Let’s go ahead and pave paradise, shall we?


DENTON, TX, Nov. 11, 2023 – City of Denton’s Parks and Recreation Department was recently awarded a $10,971,904 grant from Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside (TA) program. This grant will cover approximately 80 percent of the proposed construction project costs of select phases of the City’s Pecan Creek Trail. The remaining 20 percent will be covered by the City’s American Rescue Plan Act allocation and Parks Dedication and Development fees.  

The TxDOT TA program supports a variety of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects throughout the state, with a total of $345,110,072 in funds being awarded to various communities across Texas.  

The accredited Denton Parks and Recreation Department maintains the City’s recreational facilities and diverse programming, outdoor athletic fields, parks, trails, open and natural areas, Additionally, they preserve the IOOF and Oakwood Cemeteries.  

SPEAK UP PEOPLE! If you think some of these funds should go toward the Denton Greenbelt – for things other than more employees, and more dirt trails? Say something!

I began documenting the entire debacle with images and GPS coordinates. I started at the north end of the Greenbelt Elm Fork Trinity River disaster. I will probably have to skip around because of the distances, and extreme difficulties with being on land, and not in the actual River itself. It is a project that could use some participation, and some better weather. You can bet the weather will get better anyway. I still have my doubts about waking up the sleeping crowd …

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