White River Fly Series Resumes After Brief Intermission

| April 21, 2011

I do catch some a lot of heat for being a photographer, and doing more, exponentially more, writing than photography in any given post on Texas Fly Caster. I know we aren’t going to achieve balance, in one fell swoop, but there were some interesting and rather unusual images to be made around the camp along the banks of the White River in Arkansas.

Whether it was Johnny’s pickled peaches that looked like … well, what they looked like, or Nick’s morning wardrobe choices along with cold beverages, interesting and unusual images did show themselves to my camera lens. It’s tempting to slap a little Arkansas generalization on the shot of a car key made into a lure, but then that would paint a whole state in a certain light now wouldn’t it?

Then there’s the classically typical image of fly rods lined up in a picture perfect line, waiting, no begging, to be captured. And what intermission would be complete without a fly photograph? Admire the fly that did the most damage, bar none. Yes, it’s a simplistic black woolly bugger.

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  1. shannon says:

    Peaches tasted pretty good actually. Grown, harvested and canned by Johnny. Thanks for keeping us from going hungry! Shannon

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