What’s On Tap For Thanksgiving Week

| November 22, 2010

We’re headed into a holiday shortened week (for you) around here, but just to keep readers properly primed, let me just give you a rundown of some stories still being worked:
1) Part three of “The Compleat Fly Fishing the Guadalupe River.”
2) An observation on an IFA fishing tournament I was in a couple of months back.
3) I will pick up the ball and run a bit further with the story on an extended trip to Colorado this past summer. If you missed the show that was the Rio Grande Reservoir, watch me put the hit on some rainbow trout here – Colorado Day 4 (pure unadulterated porn). Last I heard, the fish count on that video was ten rainbow trout, and if you’re brave enough to watch the entire video, you will know they were “of size.”

That should do it for this week. It looks like Black Friday will be in Oklahoma City this year, so I have to find water around OKCity to do my annual BF thing. Last year, as you recall, it was the jetties in Galveston, Texas where some, ok a bunch, of flounder showed me the love, and almost ran me over like a guard at Wal Mart on BF morning.

What are your plans for a shortened week? All I know is fish will be screaming at me in surround sound after Christmas, and I will abide, because the dude does abide … stay tuned.

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  1. shannon says:

    I am still getting used to new firmware in my Sanyo camera and it looks like it will not do macro anymore. Name? We call it the Stephen Woodcock. Kidding kidding of course, but pass that along to him anyway (I know he’s reading).

  2. Skumar says:

    Enjoy the week, have a great Thanksgiving!
    What is the name of the fly?

  3. shannon says:

    Oh yeah, I also have to work a show in Oklahoma City for Cimarrona, fish somewhere around OK City on Black Friday … Thank goodness there are so few family demands! Looking to do a video of a killer fly tied by Joel Hays – a tiny black thing that kills on the Blue River and Lower Mountain Fork in Oklahoma.

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