Colorado Day 4 – Rio Reservoir and to Gunnison

| September 6, 2010

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I knew what I knew, and I saw what I saw. The previous day, the worm fishing Texans had delivered a can of whup to the trout making their way out of the Rio Grande Reservoir and up the Rio Grande River. They were catcher-killers. There’s really nothing wrong with that as there was nothing even remotely native about the fish, and I guessed that at that altitude the entire area is a block of ice topped with several feet of snow. So as their biceps strained to keep the spotted tails from dragging, I took note.

As any smart, or down on their luck, fly fisher would do, I struck up a conversation. “It was on early, but it pretty much slowed down later in the day. Everybody caught their limit today and yesterday,” he said. I couldn’t help but think … that’s a lot of trout. I could hear their wives back at the trailers, “Where are we going to put all this fish?” If they were eating that much trout a day, I would give them a year to live before succumbing to mercury poisoning.

One of the Texans said, “You might try up river where there’s a Y, and take the Ute off to the left. I heard the fly fishermen were doing pretty good up there.” From ground level, you can see where there’s a confluence, but I assumed it was the working of a meandering river that cut multiple paths through the, flat as home, valley. I put that in my memory banks, and secretly planned to get back to their spot much nearer the Reservoir, stand in their spot, and catch (and release) their limit for the next day.


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