We’re Talking Rain For Real

| April 13, 2015

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We had a heck of a morning here in North Texas, sure to make the news. I happened to be out at Lake Ray Roberts when the rain hit. There’s a few stories coming out from the locals about this one. Let’s hope it adds to the lake, more than just a few raindrops!

Coming back from the lake, I topped a hill and came down on about a foot of water running across the road – at 60-miles-per-hour. Needless to say,that was interesting. Go slow, and watch for flash flooding! It looks like it’ll be clear tomorrow, and more of this in a couple days. Stay tuned.

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  1. shannon says:

    I heard the lake went +13 inches as of 10pm. It looks like 18″ as of this morning. So we are looking at 2′ by the end of the week. Look for carp to get more difficult as they burrow into the years of brush growth.

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