Welcome to “BlursDay”

| December 28, 2020

Welcome to “Blursday.” I heard that term on a Sunday morning show yesterday, and it stuck with me. “Blursday” is today, or is it yesterday or is it tomorrow? It could be any day in 2020 actually. That’s how the year “feels” as we crawl, masked, disinfected and disoriented, toward it’s very near end. Who would have dreamed that such a perfect storm of free time gets blown away by a perfect storm of deadly disease? Obviously not me.

For those of you who are, and remain unaffected by the events of 2020, feel free to tell us how you’ve done that. For the rest of us, who are about to see a complete $hi+ show courtesy the all too lonely holiday travelers? Well, we are again stuck where we are, and wanting to be anywhere – fly fishing – but here. Nope. Get ready for a “surge on top of a surge” instead of gassing up the truck and heading for some saltwater action. Lock the shelter door behind you.

The time seems right to start some things, some things that somehow were put off for the lack of time. There seems to be time, time to burn, now. So why not burn it on books, and book proposals, and magazine queries? It’s amazing how many ideas one can conjure when given the time. None of us really know what those things we resolve for 2021 will amount to though – not yet anyway. I’d say we actually need to be more flexible than ever in our fly fishing pursuits for ’21, roll with it.


As regular readers of this website, and LSO News may realize, I am an occasional book review writer (and that stack of books continues to grow!), and make it my practice to include interviews with the writers to make my reviews more interesting to potential readers. As I have known – long before writing my first review – there is no profit motive for writing a book, none whatsoever. Book authorship can go a long way toward boosting egos, but nowhere toward adjusting a balance sheet. 

This long haul undertaking is actually an attempt to “Show and Tell” what I know about this single fishery I have concentrated on so intently for so many years. The interest in fly fishing for carp here on Lake Ray Roberts seems to never have been higher than it was in 2020, and there seems to be no better time than now to “drain my brain” of all this information that has accumulated over the years. Heck! I feel my ego growing (yum yum) just talking about writing (and self publishing) a book. So this moth will fly into the book flame – with more details – later.


As we head into 2021, let us set aside truly daunting goals, like book writing, and remember to take the time to use all the colors in our crayon boxes to color our Texas fly fishing experience. One way to color, perhaps going over the lines, is to secure some Desert Door Sotol, or perhaps some fantastically smooth Dripping Spring’s Treaty Oak Whiskey. If you have questions on which Desert Door Sotol to purchase, or where to purchase – let me know. The Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon is a totally legit Texas distilled whiskey.

What’s that sound? It’s the year-end countdown! It has been a difficult year for music listening from my perspective, because I know I must be missing a lot of music! My music listening focus is distinctively narrow this year, perhaps because my interactions with people and media has been so narrowed. Can we get to a “Top Ten” this year? If you have any music to recommend, please text it to me this week, and I will give it a spin. I am also looking for new releases, by old artists, that I may have missed. It seems artists just don’t promote like they used to, and I have missed new releases, by some of my favorite artists, more than once.


Along with the easy pickin’s of “Year’s Best / Year’s Worst” that come from the media this time of year, we also pick the easy fruit of listing our “New Year Resolutions.” So I am wondering what your RESOLUTIONS are for 2021, other than, in all seriousness, remaining alive. In normal times, and maybe times will normalize in 2021, you could be planning an epic fly fishing trip, build your first fly rod, become an environmental champion, to best your best catch, to learn to speak Russian or finally import that Ukrainian bride. Whatever your goals, let’s hear them – and don’t worry all names can be withheld.

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