Try a Little Black to Keep Hybrids Coming Back

| March 31, 2010

If you are headed to some of the local hotspots popping up on the message boards, don’t forget to throw some black varieties of Clouser and Seaducer in with the standard fare.

Lefty Kreh makes no bones about his admiration for the Clouser, and he gushes about the Seaducer as well. Both flies have the two things fly tiers and fly fishers love most – they’re easy to tie and they slay. I learned a Seaducer watching Lefty’s video, and later came to add bead chain eyes in order to avoid weed guards and keep the hook running up.

If you are not getting the usual action on the usual flies, it could be because the fish you are pounding on are not going for what they have seen yanking their friends into thin air! It could be water color or sky color as well. SO, go to the box and pick something unusual out, and give it a go. Also think about going to a loop knot if you aren’t already tying on with one – the increased action of a loop knot can make all the difference if the fly doesn’t.

I was drawing blanks last week on a good spot, under pressure to produce for a guest, and a bit tired of the attention required to keep in the zone and off the rocks. Enter the black Seaducer. It’s something I tie for fishing at dark and on dark days. That day the water was extremely stained due to wind conditions, and there was a bluebird sky. I dug down and pulled out the Seaducer, casted along the seam where they had been, and on the second cast they began buying in to the new offering. Two threes, a two, five and six pound palmetto later, and that convinced me that change is good.

Although you know your waters, be sure you don’t get locked into the mindset, “Well, it worked here before!” Feel free to think, and throw a sinker or curve at them from time to time.

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  1. shannon says:

    Yup. I tied about 1/2 dozen black / black Whistlers last night as well. Watch for those slippery rocks as it is raining right now. I’ll hit it after I get out of the oil fields.

  2. Joel says:

    Black/chart. and Black/red Whistlers ready to go for Fri morn!

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