Top Ten Fly Fishing Music Countdown 2010

| December 31, 2010


By now you already read about the honorable mentions for the 2010 music countdown. I am still defending the decision to drop “new” releases of “old” music like Bob Dylan’s the “Witmark Sessions,” among others. The final word on that is; All of the Beatles music is either being, or has been remastered and re-released. The Beatles could make the top ten right? All these releases do is serve to 1) increase income at desperate record labels, and, 2) reassure old geezers that their music was pretty darn good. That’s just not enough. Onward to the Top Ten Fly Fishing Music Releases of 2010.

Number 10
Jamey Johnson – The Guitar Song

Country is cool, that’s all I can say. Jamey may be a hellion on his fans, but he’s country the way it’s supposed to be done. I guess this is his “concept” album, one black and one white, all thought out to be yin-yang, but don’t hold that against him. He’s rough, sounds rough and that’s fine by me.

Number 9
Robert Plant – Band of Joy

The “Golden God’s” solo stuff isn’t always accessible, but good music doesn’t always have to be easy listening.

Number 8
Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses – Junky Star

I don’t really know how he dropped on this one, but the better Ryan Bingham gets, the more I demand of his work. Yes, Grammies, and yes an Oscar, long after TFC declared him cool, but now the new has worn off, and the long haul sets in. It’s a wild guess, but I bet his next release is either a live disc, or a “concept.” Listen to “Direction of the Wind” for what I think is either an answer or echo of Bob Dylan’s “The Times They are a Changin’.”

Number 7
Patty Griffin – Downtown Church

Maybe it’s the getting onto the second half of life that makes good old church music sound better, but Patty mixes it up just right on this one. It continues to grow on me.

Number 6
Jimmie Vaughan – Plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites

This is good stuff. It should have cracked the top five, but just missed. I still wonder if the rest of the world knows about his guitar skills. Stevie always thought his brother was better, and he’s certainly no worse. Jimmie Vaughan is Texas, and his music is part of what continues to define the Texas sound.

We will ring in the new year with the final five countdown tomorrow, but for now – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for reading Texas Fly Caster this year, and look for some continuing series as well as a look back at a year of ups and crashing downs at Texas Fly Caster.

PLAY – Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses

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