The Swine Flu Rains and Release

| May 9, 2009


I finally found the time to throw this video out – it’s just below Ray Roberts Lake Dam, and shows the volume of water being released into the “Trinity”. I say “” to Trinity because this section that reaches from Ray Roberts to Lewisville Lake is really little more than, what we call in South Texas, a canal. Swine Flu Flood as a name seems fitting, since this did begin during the epidemic, or was that pandemic, or was that a sneeze I heard?

The rains are continuing north of the lake, and the lake is full and inching toward flood stage. The flats are submerged and wind driven waves are lapping over the shore line, that is the line where the shore usually is delineated.

We will see what this week holds, or releases, but Providence ponds are looking pretty swell. It may be over to Texoma for a look-see, and report from there – where they have even higher waters and magnificent releases below the Denison Dam.

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  1. shannon says:

    D’oh! By the time you read this report the Sand Bass will be at this spot – thick – or not at all this season. There were huge Spotted Gar, Freshwater Drum and Catfish everywhere.

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