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| April 8, 2015

I lived in California for a few years in the late 80’s and into 1992, and the one thing I know about that State is the citizenry has a loose connection to the US’s reality. It’s like there’s a short in an electric wire, and the signal just doesn’t reach. It’s a citizenry that votes to increase State governmental spending while cutting taxes. it’s a State that, when I fled, was finally seeing more people leaving on a daily basis than were moving in. And in the last few years businesses have wised up and begun to flee California as well. It’s a State where, once the citizens figured out they could run the asylum, propositions get on the ballot and are voted on – by the dozens. So that’s the general makeup of the voters Governor Moonbeam is dealing with.

Texas Water Use By Category 2000

However, no matter how much water the citizens choose to save, California’s problem is not with its citizens. California has a problem with agriculture, more specifically watering a desert to produce what it wasn’t designed to produce. And this economy of insanity accounts for only two percent of the States economic income!

In Texas our percentages of consumption show just how important conservation is on an individual, personal basis, as the snapshot from 2000 shows; we consume 24-percent of Texas water compared to California’s two percent. And although agricultural irrigation and livestock accounts for 62-percent of consumption (in 2000), at least for the most part we are not watering deserts. The overwhelming point is that individuals have the power to make a bigger difference in the supply of Texas water, than do the citizens in California.

NOTE – Many are still dealing with the news of the loss of Joyce Davis right now, but maybe continuing some of the routines will provide a sense of normalcy, or at least a distraction in their writing – for myself anyway. Her obituary is here – .


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