Texas Fly Fishing Report 3-09-15

| April 9, 2015

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Thanks for stopping by to check out fly fishing conditions around Texas this week. There will be no video report today, as we all grapple with the loss of our friend, and attend her memorial service, locally, this afternoon. It’s another very hard day in North Texas.

I can tell you the carp are up and in on Lake Ray Roberts, and although they are plentiful, the fly fishing is challenging because they are up in the weeds that have recently begun to disappear under new higher water levels. And those water levels bode well not only for Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, but they also make a lake like Lewisville Lake look downright fishy – as I pass by at 60mph. Given the choice, I would spend more time on Lewisville right now because their shoreline habitat looks more friendly to our pursuits.

The weather is the thing though. We are experiencing spring storm patterns of old, and that calls for diligence in watching the radar, and can also squash a good outing before it even begins. We had incredibly high winds pass through here last night.

However, I must say that things are shaping up a lot better than I expected, and once the carp quit playing spawn-chase, and finish the spawn, we may actually be in for a decent season! Yes, the exclamation point may be a little premature, but call me “cautiously optimistic.” I can say definitely from what I saw yesterday; carp are running rampant, and a few can be enticed to eat. The problem lies in where they are eating – deep bush cover. That will change soon though, and look here for new ideas and spots for good access to North Texas carp. And if you have anything to add to the big picture, speak now, or forever keep this season’s secrets. A little give-and-take, although extremely rare, has been appreciated by readers in the past.


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