The Double Whammy – Earth Day Water Wednesday

| April 22, 2015

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I can’t believe Earth Day had the nerve to come on the Texas Fly Caster Water Wednesday report date! The audacity of Mother Earth …

Well, I took a look at Ray Roberts this morning, and lost count of the number of times I said, “wow.” Just under three feet low now, that lake is still rising and bound to rise more today as we have serious storms forecast. I keep hearing people say, “it has been so wet,” and, “Can you believe this rain?” I want to say, can you remember this rain, when it used to rain? What was once normal (like this), is now exceptional, if that tells you anything. They have also cracked the door on the Ray Roberts Dam, and are letting a little water out now, but just a little. That water has been turbid for so long, I cannot imagine any good fishing on the upper stretch for quite some time. And I have no idea how far down that problem reaches.

Be sure to check that past story (On The Taint)for some good creek action with the kind of runoff we’re having. It should trigger a bit of a bite in that location.

And it doesn’t stop in North Texas, the water situation for East Texas and especially Houston? Unbelievable. Those guys are getting washed away. The bulge of fresh water in the bay system is having an effect now, and I have heard of no end in sight – we know it always ends, right?


Influxes of fresh water like this will trigger a gar bite. And I did see plenty of gar in the flats this morning, nested in the weeds. They’ll surprise you, and be gone before you can ID them, but I did get one little snip from a long nose that was about 40-inches long, but she turned her nose as well, and torpedoed off.

WEATHER ALERTNESS – Stay tuned, stay alert and heed all warnings.

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