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| March 7, 2016

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Good morning and welcome to wherever you are this cloudy, ominous morning! Welcome to the number one informational fly fishing site in Texas, about Texas fly fishing. [ppw id=”133866015″ description=”Gyotaku Epic Spring” price=”.10″]

The most dangerous thing we North Texans do, just about every day, is get in our cars and drive. So, I hope you do arrive at your destinations in one piece! Just a few days ago, someone our neighbors knew had a breakdown on the bridge over Lewisville Lake. That stretch of I35E is a gauntlet (retaining walls no shoulders). He got out (first mistake / last mistake). Somebody hit his car, his car hit him, threw him off the bridge — DRT (dead right there). Many miles of North Texas highways are deadly right now, with construction taking a priority over safety.

Just about the time I think we are back in a drought, the skies open, and all those lush sprinklered lawns get rained on again (turn your water timers off!). To paraphrase a worn out phrase, It was the best of times, and it is the worst of times. The pattern is simple. Long stretches of dry weather punctuated by radical flood events. End of story.



I went ahead and put the Texas Fly Fishing Report on this post to let it “soak in” a little more, while original reporting, and incoming news releases are coming fast and furious. Of course, we’re in a holding pattern here in North Texas as the weather really is a factor the next few days. For me, that means GO FLY FISHING!

I’ve been pushed off the spot I like at the release below Lake Ray Roberts, but for the last couple of weeks – seven days a week, all day long – there have been folks shoulder-to-shoulder all over the release. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked down at the crowds, turned around and driven off. Surely the storms will run these dedicated fishermen off?

Around here, there’s a huge round of steel work coming in order to get my “gongs,” “yard art,” “bells,” “wind chimes,” done in time for the art show we are attending in San Angelo next month – at the Chicken Farm Art Center. It’ll be my first show ever, but I am lucky to be tagging along with the very experienced wife who will be there to sell her Cimarrona Hats & Accessories. It’ll be the last gasp for her winter wear, and the first of our Soft-Spark Art endeavors. I get the feeling I will be bringing a lot of these monster bells home to hang in my trees … but there’s more art forms on the way.


I did my first gyotaku print last week, actually several prints from one fish – the huge sand bass I caught a week ago today, on Lake Ray Roberts (see the end of the Texas Fly Fishing Report for the actual catch). I was closely supervised and hands-on helped by Leslie, who as you know, is a retired art teacher — another BONUS for me! I will try and get a good image of this monstrosity and you can decide how cool these trophy prints really are. I think they are extremely cool, but who am I?


The weather in five days? It’s impossible to know whether the two simultaneous events next Saturday will get rained out – or not. I am planning on attending the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Fly Fish Texas event, and taking the skiff out somewhere nearby to fish while in lush, wet East Texas. Maybe I’ll just sit back and watch it rain from the fly shop. Maybe …


Please keep those photographs and news releases coming in! I am now more dependent than ever on the tips I get leading to viable stories for publications like the Lone Star Outdoor News. If you haven’t picked one of those papers up lately, be sure to grab the next issue. I am also looking for new publications that focus on fishing, fly fishing and Texas (how narrow is that?). What are you reading?


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