Texas Fly Fishing’s Monday Morning Sidewalk Rolls Out

| March 6, 2017

Monday Morning Fuel For the Fly Fishing Fire

Good Monday morning and welcome to the old reliable “Fly Fishing Monday Morning Sidewalk.” Kris Kristofferson’s song was off by a day, at least in my opinion. I hope you had a fantastic weekend, full of fly fishing excitement and adventure. My fly weekend … was full of adventure, not much excitement.

We must all find hope in the fact the sun always rises during these strange times in US History. And we DO ALWAYS find hope in the spring – for the annual budding of our fly fishing season. This March is no different from any other, except that it again holds larger, more robust promise like the epic season last year. I’ve been out on a long limb actually predicting it will even be better this year than last.

If you take the time to read the post below this one – NEW MEMBER BENEFITS! – you may just be ready to take the plunge just in time for THIS SEASON, and gain access to exclusive content, videos and member parties that will be happening here at the Fly Bar throughout the season.

They will be “working” parties, where we’ll be setting up for fly tying, have a huge area for casting, and food and beverage will be provided. Thank you to those who already subscribe, and I trust you are ready for more exclusive content very, very soon.


This week, it’s Houston and an irresistible drop to salt from there. I don’t even think the weather will stop me. I want salt that bad! I am also trying to make a circle through Santa Fe and check out the artist I highlighted last week – Michael Quinn Fish With Attitude.

Fly Fish Texas TPWD Athens TexasIt is almost impossible to know what will happen on the road this week, so check back in when you get a chance, and the boss is not looking. If nothing else, it’s interesting (to me anyway) to be driving a factory-defective Toyota 4-Runner that could blow up anywhere, anytime. Be safe as you travel to and from wherever you find yourself on the map. Of course I also have this speaking engagement with the Texas Parks And Wildlife at Athens, Texas’ Texas Freshwater Fishery Center next Saturday. It will be at 11-am for those of if you interested in another of my ad-libbed lectures, this one with the working (not really work) title: “A New Perspective on Texas Fly Fishing For Carp.” And I will be towing that perspective along with me for this event – rain or shine of course!

The nearest way to follow these road trips I’m on? Try following on Instagram or Twitter if you like. I am amazed by how far-and-wide our phone coverages are these days!

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