Texas Fly Fishing Report Friday June 19

| June 18, 2015

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Good day to you all and welcome to the Friday edition of the Texas Fly Fishing Report! This report was produced Thursday, after all the “dust” settled, and I could see tropical Depression Bill off in the distance over Oklahoma.

Word is out that Beaver’s Bend is again open, and I read somewhere that Rob Woodruff was catching all kinds of fish there. It’s hardly a surprise that he’s catching fish in a place he knows so well, but take note of “all kinds,” which apparently includes walleye and other new suspects. That’s cool! We are all hopeful that this next round of rain from Bill doesn’t break the camel’s back so to speak.

There’s a fine line between disaster gawker, and simply hitting some new openings amongst the rubble, but if anyone is planning a redeye to Beaver’s Bend, feel free to let me know and if the schedule works, I’ll come along to document the free-for-all.

As for this weekend, it’s off to Houston for a little R-ad-R with the family. I’ve done Father’s Day gift giving guides in past years, but that envelope just keeps getting pushed by all the good things fly dads need, doesn’t it?

If I were you, and I were shopping for high quality creative gifts, I would look in a couple different places. First, you can’t go wrong at www.howlerbros.com and summertime clothing from Howler. Second, have a long look at the work at Bell & Oak, a local leather maker who is gaining popularity almost every day.

And to keep up with anything that might happen this weekend, be sure to subscribe to the Instagram account for Texas Fly Caster, the YouTube Channel for Texas Fly Caster and of course the old, portly, twitter @texasflycaster.

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