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| August 24, 2023

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, “I would rather listen to you than listen to me!” And today we listen to Danny Soltau tell us about the newest fly shop in Dallas-Fort Worth, and as far as I know, the newest fly shop in the State of Texas (August 2023).

We go inside the walls of a real brick-and-mortar fly shop – Dirty Water Fly Co. , in Downtown Plano, Texas, to get a look at what makes Danny’s shop unique, hear about his history in fly fishing, his view on the fly fishing economy and what goes into making a successful fly shop – not just the business but the community as well.

Danny is into his third decade of fly fishing, and we hear how he landed in Plano after the Pacific Northwest and pivotal years in Bozeman, Montana. There’s no shortage of real experience when it comes to Danny’s fly fishing past.

Dirty Water Fly Co. is a full-service fly shop that has a heavy emphasis on fly tying, and if you stop by, chances are you will find Danny sitting at the table tying away. And it’s completely common for others to stop, plant themselves in a chair, and tie a few flies as well.

We get a look at the unique fly, the “Stripper’s Delight,” and Danny talks about how it fishes and the success of that fly. While a lot of space inside Dirty Water FC is devoted to fly tying, the shop has a number of top-shelf brands. For instance, you can get your hands on Galvan Reels, Winston Rods and Grunden clothing as well. YEAH, I know it is out of focus. I fired the videographer on the spot – after seeing it. Harsh right?

Fishing License Time Again

For those of you who forget, like I do? Your non-lifetime TPWD hunting and fishing licenses expire at the end of this month. And for those guides, and those calling yourselves guides? The same is true – you need a license to guide, and you need a Captain’s license, to get a saltwater guide license, to guide on salt in Texas nowadays. TPWD does have a date-to-date license for a little more money, and sometimes that is a good thing.

Need To Hear

I need to hear something from South Texas! What did that tropical storm do? More good than bad probably – except for a fine looking cotton crop that got soaked. Rain can be a double-edged sword at certain times …

Dead Calm

I just drove back from Dallas, and over Lake Lewisville-Dallas the water was dead calm. That makes for heat, but it can also turn a little skiff loose to go far and wide. It’s tempting to crank it up tonight and do some on the job learning about crappie at night. Does anybody know anything about that?

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