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| October 21, 2011

Here are a couple of reports from Steve and Rob, as well as some future happenings to put on your calendars.


Summer recap: Though it may not have been one of Texoma’s banner years, we certainly had a great summer of topwater fly fishing. Late July & early August was the peak for quality stripers in blitz mode with many quality fish landed. The summer run on the main lake was very good this year, however it was very popular and lots of boats showed up on some days. This was a result of fewer topwater plays fishing well. However when it got crowded, alternate strategies really paid off. These alternate strategies included finding minor runs or plays, adjusting times, or adjusting target depth. One of the best strategies was adjusting target depth. We had a great summer of deep structure fishing and caught lots of quality fish when there was not another boat in sight.

Smallmouth was another highlight for the summer. June, particularly mid to late June, was one of the best smallmouth periods I have ever had on Texoma. The smallies were shallow and aggressive and we caught both numbers and quality most days. I feel that, for whatever reason, the smallmouth fishing is just getting better and better on Texoma.

Current Conditions: Texoma is about 7 feet low; slightly stained though visibility is good in most parts of the lake; Water temps are in the low to mid 70’s. Very few boats on the lake.

Striper fishing is good to excellent. Fish are in large schools and located on most of the major mid lake flats. Birds and/or electronics will easily locate the schools. Both topwater and subsurface presentations have been working, depending on activity level of fish, with subsurface presentations being much more consistent and producing the better fish. We have fished the Orvis Freshwater Bass, Streamer Stripper, and Depth Charge lines and have done well on all three lines in the same day. This fall pattern should continue at least through November.

As the water continues to cool, the shallow near-shore bite should improve also.

The gulls have moved in and are providing an exciting backdrop to the fishing. Fall is one of the time periods where you have a good chance to be in fish all day long… a great time to be on Texoma with fly rod in hand.

NOTE – I am hearing a lot of good to great things about the smallmouth bass on Texoma right now.


Entomology for Fly Fishers, November 12 & 13, 2011
Mountain Fork River, OK, in conjunction with Three Rivers Fly Shop.

A course designed for all fly fishermen, gives an overview of the invertebrates, both aquatic and terrestrial, that are of importance to the fly angler. Warm-water and cold-water environments are included.

Topics covered include sampling techniques, identification of both larval and adult stages and simple biology of the species. The ultimate goal of the class is for the angler to develop the ability to equate in-the-field observation to fly selection and construction in order to achieve success.

Tuition- $75.00

Class size is limited

This is the last offering of Entomology for Fly Fishers on the Mountain Fork River until May 2012.

NOTE – It’s much more involved than this release indicates – meaning you will learn some life-changing fly fishing information and techniques from Rob Woodruff. Just do it.

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  1. Big C says:

    Is there an online offering for this class? We are going to LMF Nov 27 thru Dec 1

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