Steve Hollensed Fishing Report

| April 12, 2010

Thanks to Orvis Endorsed Guide Steve Hollensed for another great fishing report on Lake Texoma, Ray Roberts and a true jewel – Lake Murray, Oklahoma.

Lake Texoma: 3 ft. low; 56-60 degrees; lower lake clear/upper lake very stained. Fishing is finally getting better but still behind for most years due to cold water temps. Fish are becoming much more active with more frequent feeding periods. A portion of the striper population is in the upper lake/river region for spawning. Other segments of the population are located on river ledges and at the mouth of a few major coves. Good areas include mid lake sections like the Islands, Rock Creek, Platter Flats, and Caney Creek areas. Sinking lines are required as productive depths are usually 12 ft. and deeper. I have found some shallow feeding activity but it does not last long. Sand bass are actively feeding in the backs of major coves. Overall the fishing is fair to pretty good and I see it improving rapidly with warming weather and the good water conditions that we have now. A good time to catch nice size stripers.

Lake Ray Roberts: Lake level normal; 57-65 degrees; very stained/muddy in much of the upper lake. Bass fishing is slow. Best areas though for good visibility and warm water include Indian Creek, Lick Creek, and Sand Creek. Fishing main lake points is also a good spring spring strategy on Roberts. Use flies that imitate shad in the manner of a soft plastic jerk bait.

Lake Murray: Lake level is normal; 57-61 degrees; very clear water on lower and mid lake, stained on far upper end. Fishing is fair to good for smallmouth. Fish are in great shape and very feisty. We are just coming into the window for some great smallie action for Murray. As water temps move into the mid 60’s fishing should get better and more consistent.

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