Sleety Monday Morning

| March 7, 2022

Who Settled This Place Anyway?

A cold and sleety Monday Morning to you all! That’s the dead giveaway that I am back in North Texas, in a place that is barely across the border from the open plains of Oklahoma … and feels that way this morning. Hats off to those settlers who saw something here, along the Red River, and stopped. I would’ve kept on going.

The last few weeks in Houston were of a bittersweet nature, and for those friends I have made here, you can feel free to text me or call if you want more said about it. I have always tried to leave the personal tribulations at the water’s edge, and use this fly fishing website and words within – to divine a separate reality, a parallel universe. This is one of those times and topics, but let’s just say it’s the toughest of times and topics – in that other universe.

I hope those of you ignoring the sleet and freezing temperatures locally, and those of you already into your spring Texas fly fishing adventures, have taken the time to read my extensive writing on selecting either a canoe or kayak for fly fishing on Texas Rivers, ponds and lakes. 

It is a three-part series, obviously long-winded, and loaded with some great objective information on the choice between an Old Town hybrid canoe OR a Bonafide SUV kayak. Both are crossover water vehicles that have their pros and cons, and that is what is discussed.

If you don’t read anymore this week, then remember this coming Saturday is the TRWD (Trinity River Water District’s) FlyFest in Fort Worth. I will be there for a reason this year, or a couple of reasons perhaps? I’ll be helping out Captain Stacy Lynn with her casting lessons off-and-on, and also working with as that business promotion gets underway. I will have some flies for sale there, and we should also be moving some Danny Scarborough flies as well.

Thanks for reading this Monday Morning! If I disappear back to Houston, or when that happens, you will find not much going on here for a few days. Meanwhile, tomorrow is the third installment of the Canoe-Kayak comparison – I’ll report, and you decide what’s right for you!

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