Saturday Morning Reruns

| February 26, 2022

Legendary Carp Video from Legendary Flats

Once we get past the whopper videos, you know, the 75-thousand views videos, the curve down looks like an Olympic downhill course. Let’s just say the numbers are a runaway train going right down Pike’s Peak.

Along the way down, there’s some real durable classics though – ugly in their editing and ugly in their technical trashiness. I have to defend though: These were the days before video killed the audio star, and the days before YouTube and bandwidth allowed us to watch Hollywood movies on a phone! The reality is this video is a classic because it was one of the first videos on fly fishing for carp that was ever posted on YouTube … hence the number of watches it has gotten over the last two decades.

I have seen many days like this since then, but the truth is that flat, in this world? It’s all changing right in front of us right now. Fewer of these days are ahead than are behind. And this is why ANYONE reading this, and riding the fence on coming out this spring to chase carp – ALL of YOU need to take note: This fishery, what it was, and what it does now, and what it can do – just might not last forever. Maybe I am a little “gloom-and-doom” after last season, but then again maybe not. Are you willing to wait and see?

I’m not trying to get a fastball by you and make you look like a fool, like the “Glory Days,” that pass us by … I am just saying FAIR WARNING. Some things were once better than they are now, many things related to habitat and pressure – actually were better than they are now. And no amount of lipstick will hide that pig from being a pig. If you think there’s pressure now? Just wait, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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